Mission Statement

The United Bunka Association is dedicated to providing quality resources so that members can grow. Growing involves not only focusing on Bunka but also personal skills and creating bonds with other members.Through this joint force of collaboration and sense of community, members can mentor and share with each other their experiences and motivate each other to learn. Through showing encouragement for other members it is the UBA’s hope that every person will strive to reach for their Masters Certification. The circle of achievement and motivation is essential in this community because itis expected that all members will pass their knowledge forward to others andhelp them through their own journey. By providing leadership opportunities that help develop members skills in areas that they want to target the UBA is working towards it’s mission of helping each member grow as a person and as a Bunka enthusiast. The UBA strives to organize initiatives to help support the learning of new skills. The Mission of the UBA is also that of friendship, both in connecting with members and having them connect with each other.