Program Overview

Levels of Excellence Program
· TheU.B.A Levels of Excellence program was set up to recognize, promote and establish a standard of stitchery for its members. This is a voluntary program for members who wish to increase their knowledge of Bunka Shishu.
· Levels of Excellence are executed in three technical levels, referred to as Level l,Level ll and Master.
· A judging fee of $25.00 Canadian will be charged for Level 1 and Level 11 certificates.There is no fee for the Master level.
· A judging panel will examine and critique all pictures submitted on specified critiquing days.
· Pictures can only be submitted once for one level only; ie. A picture cannot be entered for subsequent levels.
· All certification shall be awarded by the U.B.A judging panel.
· The U.B.A judging panel reserves the right to request additional samples of work to fulfill requirements for any Level of Excellence.
· Awards will be presented and will consist of, but not limited to, certificates and badges.